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Naomi's Bagels

Finally some real bagels in Santa Cruz!

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Wednesday, August 24

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From brunch with friends to family gatherings, bagels are a great way to bring people together. Order at least one week in advance by text or email.

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Are you interested in making your own bagels from scratch? Fill out this form if you'd like to attend a bagel making course in the future

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About Naomi

Starting from a young age Naomi loved to help her mom in the kitchen. By Kindergarten she started baking sweet treats for her friends and family. Ever since then, she continues to experience the joy that people get when you put in the time and effort to make delicious food. Quarantine kept her inside more than ever before. So while she wasn't studying, what else was there for her to do? The natural answer: cook and bake! Like many others she got into sourdough, but for her, that eventually led to bagels. For Naomi, bagels aren't just a type of bread, but it is a formative part of her culture as an American Jew. She grew up eating bagels for all family and cultural events. That is why Naomi makes traditional bagels, boiled and baked in small batches. She wants to share the tradition of the bagel to her community.

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